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Have you ever tried these amazing Rajasthani Snack?

Posted by : admin / On : August 21, 2020

The very traditional food of India is made mouthwatering with enormous kinds of spices and herbs. Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes, the cuisine that originated in Rajasthan and surrounding region in India is known as “RAJASTHANI CUISINE “. The extreme climate condition, scarcity of water, and vegetation have witnessed evolvement of the unique cooking process that is noticeably much more different from other Indian cuisines. The Royal heritage of the region, as well as the gastronomy enthusiasm among locals, have led to a wide variety of such exotic and exquisite Rajasthani dishes from the main course, snacks, sweet dishes to mouth fresheners.

The elegant state Rajasthan is known for its exotic snacks and main course items which have garnered wide acclamation and are relished across the water and deserts. So let’s take a glance at those exotic food items which make this State worth visiting..

Ker looks sort of like a caper, and sangri is a kind of bean very typical of desert vegetation. The ker is a wild berry and sangri is a narrow bean wildly grown in desert regions. They are cooked with various spices and Are a sort of pickle, mainly served with Bajra Ki Roti and markkaa Ki Roti.

Lehsun chutney is another exotic vibe of RAJASTHANI DISH, it is a very simple but delectable, dry garlic chutney. That is a must in every RAJASTHANI DISH. This is usually served with Bajra Roti or some sort of Onion salads.

Athana Mirchi is the Authentic and traditional taste of Rajasthan, this “ATHANA MIRCHI” comes from a village situated in Rajasthan called Athana , famous for its long and fleshy chilies, to bring out the Savoury Marwari flavor, people stuff this Athana Mirchi with some aromatic spices like salt , Mustard, dry mango powder, cinnamon and other preservatives

Mirchi vada is a spicy RAJASTHANI snacks made of chilli ( Mirchi) huge – thick ones stuffed with Savoury potato filling, coated with gram flour ( Besan) , served hot with tomato ketchup or occasionally with mint or tamarind chutney. Or sometimes with Savoury green chutney . A Mirchi vada is a sort of potato stuffed cutlet.

PYAAJ KI KACHORI is a round shaped puff pastry thing, stuffed with Savoury onions and lots of spices and herbs, this PYAAJ KI KACHORI is originated from Jodhpur, but are today popular throughout the Rajasthan, this hot pyaj kachori or aloo pyaz kachori with a cup of hot tea is served at most of the “ Namkeen” shops in RAJASTHAN and like all those other fried stuffs this is also served with green chutney or tamarind chutney.

BIKANERI BHUJIA is often simply called bhujia , that is a famous crispy snacks, prepared by gram flour ( Besan) and lots of different spices originated from Bikaner. The dough of BIKANERI BHUJIA if formed into snacks by pressing through a sieve and deep frying in vegetable oil, it is light yellow in color. BIKANERI BHUJIA is famous all around the scorching state of RAJASTHAN. Usually served as a Savoury snacks (charka) with sweet dishes and people like this bhujia to be served with a cup of tea also.

Masala Bati is a famous dish of RAJASTHANI cuisine, it is a stuffed Dumpling which is either fried or baked in Bati oven , this masala bati is prepared with very basic ingredients, and tastes exotic. This version of RAJASTHANI cuisine has a deliciously stuffed spicy and fried potatoes which makes it more fruitful to eat.

Leaving Rajasthan without trying DAL BAI CHURMA is just a wastage of the whole Rajasthani cuisine, Dal Bati Churma is one of the most famous and avant-grade dishes of Rajasthan, also known as States signature dish. Bati is hard, unleavened bread cooked in the scorching heat of Rajasthan between the deserts. Bati is always served with dal (lentil curry) and Churma that is a coarsely ground wheat mixture crushed and mixed in ghee with some sugar.

MUKHWAS is a colorful Indian after-meal snack or digestive aid commonly called as a mouth freshener, especially after meals. This mukhwas contains various of seeds and nuts, often fennel, anise, coconut, coriander, and sesame. These mouth fresheners are sweet in flavor and highly aromatic due to added sugar and essential oils. The seeds can be Savoury or sweet, coated with sugar, and brightly colored.