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Minimum Order Value: ₹250 (Incl. Delivery Charges)

Try These Amazing Snacks of Hyderabad without Regret

Posted by : admin / On : August 21, 2020

Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana which is known for the city of the Nawab. Hyderabadi snacks are rich for their rich sweet dishes and biscuits. They provide many great snacks that anyone wants to try so here you can know about every explored popular snacks of Hyderabad and Telangana.

Osmania Biscuit is the most common and famed tea biscuit of Telangana. The first Osmania biscuits were baked on the demand of last Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan. These biscuits are healthy as a high fibre, low cholesterol with the unique taste mixture of sweet and salt. These biscuits are now famous everywhere in the city and day by day all over peoples of India also engage for Osmania biscuits. There are many brands of Osmania biscuit that exist in other states of India.

Fruit biscuits is an all-time competitor of Osmania biscuits. Karachi bakery is the place where fruit biscuits were founded by the Sindhi man Kanchan Ramnani in 1953 which is situated in Telangana. Fruit Biscuits are round or square in shape having green, red colour dotted pieces with a tickle of salt which gives them a most attractive look.

Fine Biscuits is the most popular and widely available biscuits in Telangana. They are sweet, flaky, crispy biscuits and most famous in Irani cafes of Hyderabad. Fine Biscuit is made with the ingredients that are puff pastry, sugar, flour it almost takes 3 hours for making Fine Biscuits.

Chand Biscuits are the white crescent moon shaped biscuits which are also famous in each street of Telangana, Hyderabad. It is made by crusted sugar cream. You can serve your guest these amazing soft Chand biscuits with a cup of tea.

Salt Biscuits are the flakey texture with a salty taste and the biscuit has a large diameter shape. These are baked in many pack sizes with several brands of it we can acquire as per our convenience. Health benefits are high in refined carb sugar and salt. This can cause high blood pressure for some people who have a water retention problem.

Shahi Tukda is a bread pudding Mughlai dessert dish. It is made by the slice of deep-fried bread in ghee with thickened sweetened milk, saffron and nuts. Shahi Tukda is also known as double ka Meetha, popular in Telangana and mostly served as party occasion festivals.

Malidalu is the classic dish of Hyderabad also known as Malida Laddu. It is a sweet dish which is made by a mixture of jaggery fruits and chapatis. Malidalu sweet is famous in varied cultures like Gujrat and afghan and usually made in traditional occasions or festivals.

Telangana has the best collection of tasty snacks. Try these festive traditional sweet snacks made with the unique combination of ingredients most of them are only baked in Telangana but there are several online vendors who offer these recipes. You can enjoy these Telangana snacks dishes with your family.