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For which Bengali Snacks one should go for?

Posted by : admin / On : August 21, 2020

The snacks and food preferred in Bengal is a comestible style originating in Bengal region in the eastern part of the Indian subcontinent, which is divided between Bangladesh and Indian states of west Bengal. There is a prominence attention on fish, Vegetables and lentils served with the staple rice. Bengali cuisine is exotically known for its aromatic. use of flavors, as well as the spread of its desserts and snacks. Moreover the staple food of people in Bengal is rice and fish.

Every country and every state have some or other specialities in food items, some have a good taste at sweet dish, so the other have some good taste at Savory dish , but other than all of this Bengal is that state which have a good taste in everything, weather it is sweet or Savory , so let us have a glance on the very selective and delicious snacks of Bengal;

One of the most popular and iconic snack that Bengalis prefer. Jhal literally means spicy and moori is puffed rice, all together jhalmuri means puffed rice with lot of spices, vegetables and raw mustard oil. Depending on what is added, there are many ways of making jhalmuri but the most preferred one is “bhorta” made of chopped shallot, jira roasted group cumin, and Black salt and some green and red Chilies.

Another Bengali snacks Chire bhaja is made up of flattened rice which is fried in sand and then stained in metal strainers, but not the tea strainers. These chira bhajas is mostly consumed with fried peanuts, or jhuri bhaja (bhujia) and fried curry leaves, it is also known as Masala chivda or fried poha. It is a well known evening snack that every person likes to eat.

Chana jor garam is a common street snack in most Indian streets. It is usually made from chickpeas that are roasted and spiced. The chickpeas are soaked, dried, fried, and then later flattened into mini discs. The main ingredients are freshly chopped tomatoes, onion, few spices and a green chutney. It has a zesty and tart flavour. Mainly served with onions, lemon and green chilies. And enjoyed as a delicious snack.

NIMKI is an all- time favorite jar snack, which has a very succulent and interesting mouth- watering feel. And this snack requires only a few ingredients. It is made of plain flour dough flavored elegantly with cumin and spices. It feels different when you bite a piece of Nimki due to its up unique texture of Rolled out and cut. Nimki is usually served with fried Chilies and some black salt, but a cup of tea is known ad the best companion for Nimki.

Singhara or samosa is a snack made up of stuffed potato cooked with spices and herbs and flour. This triangular shaped snack is made by making a cone using flour and pouring fully cooked and smashed potatoes in it and basically fried in hot oil, samosas are served with green or red chutneys and with chai and bhujia to add some more taste to the delicious snack.

Tele bhaja is very common and exotic Kolkata style fritter which is made from raw sliced vegetables or boiled and mashed vegetables mixed up with spices, dripped in gram flour batter and then deep fried in oil. Some very popular tele bhajas are BEGUNI, ALOOR BHAJA, ALOO CHOP, CUTLET, VEGETABLE PAKODA.

After having all those refreshing foods and snacks the most important thing that is listed is a mouth freshener which not only freshens one’s breath but minds also, let’s have a glance on most popular after food mouth freshener of West Bengal:

Sweet Paan is made by combining betel leaf with areca but widely consumed throughout East Asia. Paan is great for digestion due to many components present in it. Sweet pans contains of gulkand which gives a great taste to it with many other ingredients like cherry Katha supari and many more.